Report a repair

How do I report a repair?

Log into our secure Tenant Login area to report a repair online.

If your repair is an emergency please call 08000 324888 (24 hours per day)

You can report repairs in the following ways:

  • Telephone 08000 324888 – All emergency repairs should be reported by telephone. Our Customer Service team will ask you key questions to help diagnose the repair correctly.

Repairs are carried out by our in-house Hillcrest Maintenance team and we also use a number of approved external contractors.

Our repairs categories and response times are:

Emergency Repairs

Timescale: Within 4 Hours

These are repairs that are: to prevent serious damage to the building; are a danger to health; a risk to safety; or, a risk of serious loss or damage to the occupier’s property.

Examples are:  Fire damage; Flood; gas leak; break in; no heating or hot water; blocked sink, blocked toilet if only toilet in the house, total power failure.

Non-Emergency  Repairs

Timescale: 10 working days. 

Examples are: blocked toilet where there is another toilet in the house, broken doorbell, cupboard door, appliance repair, rotary dryer.

What Happens when I report a repair?

When you report a repair we need information about the issue and we will log the details on our computer system.  We will also confirm your contact details.

We will tell you who will carry out the repair and they will show you ID when they call at your door.

We have an appointment system for repairs carried out by Hillcrest Maintenance and you may be offered a Morning (8am – 12 noon) or an afternoon (12 noon – 4pm) appointment.  This does not include emergencies.