Hillcrest Homes Neighbourhood Heroes Awards 2021

This is your chance to nominate someone you think has really made a difference to the community, or someone’s life. If you are the one who has gone above and beyond, then why not nominate yourself!

There are two award categories:

  • Young Neighbourhood Hero 2021 (up to the age of 16)

  • Neighbourhood Hero 2021


What is the nomination criteria?

We’re looking for nominations where the nominee has:

  • Shown a willingness to look out for others

  • Been sociable and friendly

  • Demonstrated practical help and kindness

  • Been caring and respectful at all times


Who can be nominated?

Any Hillcrest Homes tenant can be nominated.


Who can nominate?

  • Any tenant, including nominating yourself!
  • Any Hillcrest Homes or Hillcrest Maintenance staff member
  • Hillcrest’s committee of management
  • Other organisations that work with Hillcrest Homes tenants

How will the winners and runners up be chosen?

The winners and runners up will be decided entirely by a panel of Hillcrest tenants from our Interested Tenants Register.


What are the prizes?

For both categories:

Overall winner – winner’s certificate and £150 Love to shop/Amazon vouchers

Runner up – highly commended certificate and £75 Love2shop/ Amazon voucher

Most importantly, How do you make a nomination?

Please email your nomination to customerservice@hillcrest.org.uk, or write it down and post it to: Tenant Participation, Hillcrest, 1 Explorer Rd, Dundee DD2 1EG.You must include the following information:

  1. The name of your neighbourhood hero.
  2. Whether you are nominating the person for Young Neighbourhood Hero 2021 or Neighbourhood Hero 2021.
  3. The contact details of your neighbourhood hero  – please provide their name (and address if possible).
  4. Your own contact details – name, email, daytime telephone number, and whether you work for Hillcrest.
  5. An explanation in no more than 150 words of why your nominated person is a Neighbourhood Hero.

Nominations must be received by the 30th of September.