Make a change to your tenancy

You can complete the forms on this page electronically.

In order for us to accept a form electronically without a signature we must receive it from the same email address we hold for you. Once we have received and logged your application please allow up to 28 days for this to be processed.

If you would prefer for us to send a copy of any of these forms out to you in the post, please email or call us on 0300 123 2640 (option 2). We are open Monday-Thursday 8 am – 5:15 pm and Friday 8 am – 4 pm.


Change of household composition. Your household consists of members of your family, including dependents. Tenants are required to inform us of any new person coming to live with them or anyone leaving their home. You can update anyone joining or leaving your household through your MyHillcrest app or by filling out our Change of Household Composition form.


Mutual Exchange. As a Hillcrest Homes tenant you can apply for an exchange with another Hillcrest tenant, a council tenant or housing association or co-op tenant anywhere in Britain. You cannot exchange with a tenant of a private landlord. Once you have found someone to swap with both parties must complete an Application for Mutual Exchange.


Sole to Joint tenancy. The person applying to become a joint tenant must have lived at the property as their only or principal home for 12 months before applying and Hillcrest must have been notified of this when they moved in.


Joint to Sole tenancy. Both tenants can either complete, sign and return our Application for Tenancy Change form or the tenant who wishes to remove themselves from the tenancy can contact us directly to provide their notice to terminate. Hillcrest Homes require a minimum of 28 days notice to end a tenancy.


Passing on your tenancy to another person. This is called Assignation. The property must have been your only or principal home during the 12 months immediately before seeking permission. The person that you wish to pass your tenancy to must have also lived at the property as their only or principal home for the 12 months before applying and Hillcrest must have been notified when the person moved in.


Succession. This is when the tenancy is passed to another member of the household in the event of the tenant’s death. An application for Succession should be made within 28 days of the death of the tenant by completing our Application for Tenancy Change form.


Keeping a pet. If you would like to keep a pet in your home, you will need to apply for permission.