Lock out anti-social behaviour

With the current lockdown meaning much more time being spent at home, housing officers not being able to offer as visible a presence, and some people having frustrations about the current government guidelines, anti-social behaviour has the potential to increase.

Anti-social behaviour is not acceptable no matter the circumstances, and we’re still here along with local councils and Police Scotland to ensure that we still tackle it effectively.

1. Anti Social Behaviour or Lockdown Behaviour?

To make sure that we direct our own resources and those of our partners in Police Scotland, local authority anti social behaviour and noise teams (depending on local authority), we kindly ask that you consider the below questions before reporting Anti Social Behaviour to Hillcrest Homes.

  • Is the type of behaviour being exhibited by your neighbour unusual?
  • Is the behaviour possibly caused by individuals and families being in a confined space for an extended period of time?
  • Is the behaviour likely to resolve itself after the restrictions are eased and your neighbours can enjoy more outdoor activities and social gatherings?
  • Is the stress of the current situation making you a little less tolerant?
  • Do you feel able to speak to your neighbours regarding your concerns without jeopardising your own safety, whilst following social distancing guidance.

Once you have considered these questions do you still feel the behaviour of others is affecting your day to day life in a way that is harmful to your safety or mental well being? If you do then please contact our customer service team on 0300 123 2640 who will direct your call to the department who can best help.

2. ASB – noise nuisance

The pandemic affects different people in different ways with most spending more time at home than normal. This can cause an increase in how noise is transferred from one home to another and cause a nuisance to your day to day routine.

We ask that you consider if the noise from your neighbour is normal outside lockdown and if the noise is because your neighbour is spending more time at home?

If you consider the noise nuisance is serious please contact our customer service team on 0300 123 2640 who will help provide advice and guidance.  If an investigation is required our housing officers are available to discuss the issue with you and your neighbour and determine what measures can be taken to minimise the nuisance.  If the matter cant be resolved we can arrange for online mediation.  If you are finding the situation extreme we recommend you call Police Scotland on 101.

3. Dog fouling

We have had an increase in reports of dog fouling in our neighbourhoods and communal garden areas during lockdown. With many tenants restricted and limited where they can exercise their dog there is no excuse to not pick up and dispose of excrement properly. Dog fouling is never acceptable, we ask that everyone picks up after their dog and keep the streets nice for everyone.

We ask that when you report dog fouling you are able to tell us who is causing the nuisance, and can provide evidence of the behaviour.  We will work with your local dog warden to resolve the issue.

All complaints relating to dogs being neglected or abused should be reported to the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) and the local authority dog warden in your area.

4. Bin and household rubbish

If there has been a change to the usual refuse collection in your area and this is contributing to bin and household rubbish building up please contact your local authority.  When items that are being dumped cause an environmental or fire hazard on landings, communal door entries, driveways and common garden/recreation areas we ask that you contact our customer service centre on 0300 123 2640 to discuss how this can be dealt with. Depending on the circumstances and if we arrange an uplift, this will result in a recharge for the persons causing the nuisance.

Please keep an eye on your local authority website and social media for local arrangements for bins and rubbish nuisance and when local skips will reopen.

5. Breaking social distancing rules

Despite the message from the Scottish Government to “stay at home” some tenants are not following this message. We have had many calls about social distancing breaches – this is not acceptable.  If you observe anyone breaking lockdown rules, please contact Police Scotland on 101.

6. Drugs

If you believe there is a serious drug issue where you live, such as drug dealing, we ask that you contact Crimestoppers or Police Scotland on 101.  We are limited in the action we can take without evidence if incidents are not reported to Police Scotland.

If you have any other anti-social behaviour concerns, you can contact us on 0300 123 2640 for advice.