Universal Credit

Universal Credit replaces a range of working-age benefits with one single payment.

This will be rolled out across all areas during 2018.

This will affect new claims and people who have a change in circumstances so will affect a number of the people we work with.

Universal Credit will replace the following “Legacy Benefits”:

  • income-based jobseeker’s allowance;
  • income-related employment and support allowance;
  • income support;
  • child tax credits;
  • working tax credits; and
  • housing benefit.

Eventually everyone who currently receives one of the benefits listed above will be transferred to Universal Credit.

Universal Credit is paid monthly, in arrears, to one person in the household and people may wait seven weeks to receive a payment.

An email address, access to a computer and internet is necessary as claims will require to be made and maintained online.

If you want to know more about Universal Credit please get in touch.

A number of videos explaining Universal Credit are available online.