Money & benefit advice

We know people can get into times of difficulties. Sometimes paying rent and bills and everything that goes with having a tenancy can get a bit much.

Our Tenancy Sustainment team can help…

We have a dedicated Tenancy Sustainment Team who can help you understand and manage all of the financial aspects of starting and sustaining your own tenancy.

A range of help and advice is available including:

  • benefits advice;
  • managing money and paying bills;
  • budgeting and looking at the costs involved in running a home;
  • accessing furniture/carpets/white goods;
  • dealing with debt issues;
  • lowering fuel bills;
  • Home Contents Insurance;
  • opening bank and savings accounts; and
  • accessing low cost loans.

If you don’t want to come into our office then we can visit you at home.

Get in touch with us and we can discuss everything with you.