Make a change to your tenancy

If you’ve had a change of circumstance it’s important to let us know. To make a change to your tenancy please fill in the relevant application form linked below.

As a Hillcrest tenant you can apply for an exchange with another Hillcrest tenant, a council tenant or housing association or co-op tenant anywhere in Britain. You cannot exchange with a tenant of a private landlord.

A lodger is someone who shares your home, who is normally not a member of your family and who gives you a payment for the room(s) they occupy. You may not take in a lodger if this will make your home overcrowded.

This includes succession, assignation, sole tenancy to a joint tenancy and joint tenancy to a sole tenancy.

You are responsible for finding someone to sub-let your property. Our approval is conditional on us checking the prospective sub-tenants references, that the property is adequate for prospective sub-tenants requirements, and does not lead to the property being overcrowded.

This form should be used to tell us of a change in the number of people who form part of your household, especially if the number of people is going to increase, or has already increased.