How-to videos

From changing the batteries in your wall thermostat and turning your mains water supply off and on, through to using your heating systems most efficiently, we've got a handy selection of how-to videos.

How to use a stopcock and where to locate it

If you have a leak or other problem with water in your home, this video shows you what the stopcock may look like and where you may find it so you can turn the water off or on.


Fuse boxes, fuse boards and trip switches

If your power goes off, it could be because a fuse or circuit breaker in your home has has tripped. In this video, we outline what to look for and do if your electricity has been tripped.


How to replace the batteries in a wall thermostat

In this video, we show you how to replace the batteries in your wall thermostat.


Using your heating system efficiently to save money:

Gas central heating


Quantum heating


Electric storage heaters