Housing allocations

We agree and allocate properties in accordance with local common allocation policies.

We are members of Common Housing Registers in Dundee, Fife, Angus. Perthshire and Edinburgh. Housing applicants only need to make a single application to be automatically considered by the Council and all member housing associations

All applicants will be assessed in accordance with the system currently in operation.

We will allocate housing to any applicant according to the procedures currently in place to match the suitability of available housing with the current highest need.

We will work with our local partners to simplify and maximise access routes into our housing.  To ensure equal and fair access for all, information about Hillcrest and our allocations processes will be made widely available in an easy to understand format, and also on request in appropriate minority ethnic languages, in braille, and on audio tape.

Current or former employees of Hillcrest, current or former members of the Committee of Management and their close family may apply for housing.  Any resulting allocations will be made solely on the basis of housing need, and will require to meet current Scottish Housing Regulator requirements in terms of reporting and recording.  All such allocations will require to be approved by the Audit & General Purposes Sub-Committee.

We will develop appropriate procedures in association with the local authorities in whose areas we operate to ensure that we meet current statutory requirements for the provision of housing for homeless persons.  Our housing management practices will seek to prevent homelessness wherever possible.

We aim to give applicants the opportunity to make informed choices by:

  • no restriction on areas or choices; and
  • the provision of quality information.

We will assist local support providers objectives by entering into arrangements with voluntary or statutory organisations to provide supported housing for applicants with special needs.