The HART update

Posted: 19th July 2021


The Hillcrest Action for Residents and Tenants (HART) group have been busy over the past few months learning some new skills and increasing their confidence in a digital world. The volunteers have worked incredibly hard to push themselves to develop the knowledge and experience to enable them to talk to each other online other using their digital devices.

The group are currently meeting on a weekly basis to continue to help improve their abilities and confidence in this area. They also hope that by having this method of communication available, it will help to encourage other tenants to join the group, especially if travelling to attend meetings would have otherwise been difficult.

Following on from the successful repairs service review that the group carried out, the HART volunteers are now working towards their next piece of scrutiny work. They hope to carry this out with a mix of digital engagement and meeting in person – if it is safe to do so.

If you would like to become a HART volunteer helping improve the services that we deliver, please contact Corrie Wood, tenant participation officer on 0300 123 2640 or email for more information.

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