People can become homeless or face homelessness for a variety of reasons…

Job losses, financial hardship, relationship break down, alcohol and substance misuse, or on-going health problems can all contribute to difficulty in maintaining a home.

People who experience physical or mental health problems and those with complex needs are particularly at risk if issues are not identified earlier to put preventative support in place.

Hillcrest Futures provides a range of services to meet the needs of people who are homeless or have experienced homelessness across Edinburgh, Glasgow and Angus.

They include short stay residential services, short term supported accommodation, medium to long-stay within accommodation-based services, support into temporary furnished flats as well as outreach housing support.

Some of our services are gender specific or may cater for people who have additional and often complex support needs. All of our services support people to define their own goals and aspirations through person-centered approaches based on the principles of Psychologically Informed Environments and by providing the practical and emotional support required to sustain longer term housing solutions.

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